Square POS Integration for JoyUp

What online ordering services do you support?

We support and integrate seamlessly with all the top online ordering services. No worries! You don't need an extra tablet

What tax gets added to each order?

Based on the merchant ID and location of each restaurant, the appropriate tax will get added to each order according to state/city tax laws.

Who picks up the order?

We have a partnership with Postmates and Doordash drivers. The client doesn’t need to have any previous relationship with Postmates or Doordash, we just use them to source the drivers at wholesale cost.

How does the driver get notified?

After the order is placed, we take the order ID number and dispatch it to Postmates or Doordash. The driver will be notified 5-10 minutes after the order is placed.

How much is it for the driver to pick up the order?

The delivery fee is based on distance, up to 8 miles. The restaurant owner has the option to take on the delivery fee OR they can have the customer pay the fee. We recommend having the customer pay the fee.

How is this better than using my regular 3rd party delivery app? 

Because we own the customer and we are sourcing the order, we only pay the delivery fee. The restaurant saves 20-30% that Doordash usually takes. 

How does the money land in the client's bank account?

If it is a Square merchant, there is no payment transfer. For non-Square integrations, the deposits will drop into their account by end of the day. We will need to collect the client’s bank account number, routing number and location information.

How does the customer know when the driver has arrived?

Through our web app the customer can see on a map where the driver is and when the driver has arrived with their order. The customer also gets the contact info on their driver and can call if there is an issue with the delivery.

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