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There are two main reasons people eat food.

  • They’re hungry.
  • Food looks good.

No doubt you’ve heard the saying ‘Don’t shop when you’re hungry.’ If you don’t know why, it’s because everything – and I mean everything – looks delicious when you’re hungry. And if it’s not eaten straight away when you thought it was a good idea to throw it in the cart, you’ll wonder months from now why you ever bought as it sits in the back of your pantry taking spac

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People eat when they’re hungry. It’s a simple fact. But what about when they’re not? They still eat! At least, when it looks good. And this is where Instagram comes in.

No matter if you are a chocolatier working from home, a food truck, or a five-star restaurant, Instagram levels the playing field.

Here’s how:
  • Same advertising platform – regardless of budget.

We’ve all been siting watching our favorite show in 90-degree heat when an ice cream commercial appears. For the next 20 minutes, that’s all you can think about…it looked so good! While we can’t all afford a commercial, we can make visitors and customers salivate while they troll Instagram. Which, if you didn’t realize, is where internet users spend the majority of their time – right after Facebook. Food doesn’t move, after all. You don’t need video. Just a clear and crisp photo

  • One platform can boost customer engagement by 25%

Used correctly, Instagram can increase your tribe more than any other social media platform available at this time. Do your research and discover which hashtags and filters are most effective for your business, and at what time posting is most productive for you. Didn’t know posting at specific times can make a difference? Well, you’d be surprised how big of a difference it can make

  • Click-to-Purchase - Convert engagement into orders

Yes, you can create ads for your product or service on Instagram that invites your audience to not just make a purchase, but be part of the story. Advertising on Instagram is based on images and as a food expert, you are taking their mind and taste buds on a journey that will ultimately lead to an emotionally satisfied customer. All this can be done virtually with simple click-to-purchase images

Instagram is increasingly becoming the go-to place for most people, no matter what they’re interested in. This means, most businesses need to take a serious look at Instagram – on top of everything else they’re doing. So how do you, already working 25 hours a day incorporate this into your marketing strategy? There’s a secret ingredient. Joy.

Joy is an assistant that streamlines your business

Joy is an assistant that streamlines your business

As a food business owner, you didn’t get into business to master social media and marketing. You got into business for the love of food and to share your gift. Your customers thank you for it by returning again and again, greeting you with eager smiles, calling you by name, and spreading the word of your excellent dishes.

But it’s not enough. Joy is the finishing touch that allows you to focus on what you do best while intelligently automating your social media marketing. All while easy on the pocketbook. Our streamlined system gets you right in the middle of the most active platforms interacting with your customers on your behalf. Right now, the most exciting and active platform next to Facebook, is Instagram. You don’t have to learn it, you don’t have to love it, you just need to give us the go ahead and we’ll do the work so you can see your sales increase.

Instagram sells with style and after customers click on expertly crafted images, Joy is there to automate the process of ordering. Through the chatbot, customers easily learn your locations, your menu and specials including photos, and they can order right there from their phone. All with friendly interactions with the Joy chatbot. As smartphones are dominating where consumers spend their time online, every business needs to be where the action is. And the action is online, on Instagram’s mobile app.

Joy can quickly and easily automate your social media presence giving you increased engagement, growing sales, happy customers, and more time.

If you deal in food, you cater to people who are hungry, or want to eat good-looking grub. Instagram can show the world and Joy can spread the word that you are the go-to person in your tasty niche.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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