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JoyUp's commission-free online ordering technology integrates with Otter to turbocharge your restaurant’s online orders. The OtterxJoyUp integration lets you see your orders come through in real time directly to your kitchen printer. Not having to manually keep up with all of your online-orders means less missed orders, fewer errors, and increased efficiency. With JoyUp and Otter working together, restauranteurs don't need to manually enter online orders into POS and accounting systems. Capture and manage orders easily; no extra tabs needed!



Customers order and pay for commission-free pickup and delivery orders. Restaurants can enable direct commission-free orders from their webpages and offer a fully-branded customer experience through JoyUp. The orders appear on restaurants' native printer/tablet like any other order - no need for an extra tablet.
When a new order comes through, you’ll receive an automatic printout in the kitchen.


Break-free from giving up your revenue in commissions. Take advantage of commission-free ordering from JoyUp. We'll help capture new customers, own their data, gain detailed insight into your orders. Track performance from user engagement and opt-ins to orders and revenue. Easily access return-on-ad-spend metrics and quickly optimize your next social media investment. JoyUp gathers costumer data on every interaction and uses the power of SMS and retargeting automation to retarget customers.

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A commission-free delivery/takeout product is bang for the buck, as we have generated 4-5X ROI on our social media orders . So far, the partnership has been great and we want to continue doing business with JoyUp for the long haul.

Yusuf Vajihuddin

Cold Stone Creamery, Chicago.

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