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The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed restauranting across the United States forever. The demand for mobile ordering take out has never been so high.

At first, restaurants struggled to adapt to the new reality, but JoyUp’s restaurant partners are now enjoying remarkable success in reaching customers through automated social media marketing and commission-free ordering.

JoyUp makes it even easier to gain new customers and rapidly drive up sales.

Here’s how one location of the Cold Stone Creamery Chicago Franchise drove up their sales in one month with JoyUp:

First, we set up a Facebook Messenger-based delivery/takeout ordering and payment system for Cold Stone Lockport. Then we ran Facebook ads and automated the whole process.

We provided Cold Stone Lockport with an easy way to capture online orders through our commission-free delivery service. We made it very easy for their prospective customers to start and complete orders right in Facebook Messenger, without the need to rely heavily on websites or mobile apps, which typically have high drop off rates.

In the last 30 days, Cold Stone Lockport has received:

  • 2095 new opt-ins at the cost of only $0.23 per opt-in
  • 229 unique customers who have spent $2635.80

At the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, most restaurants across the country were panicking due to lack of sales,” Yusuf Vajihuddin, manager of Cold Stone Creamery, Lockport says. “We reached out to JoyUp and their product helped us to generate new customers and retain them through facebook marketing-to-delivery product resulting in over $2000 in sales per month, per location, a figure that we wouldn't have generated otherwise.

With JoyUp, your restaurant can add the pickup/delivery button in Messenger. You can also run promotions and contests to easily grow your fan base and gain more customer data. Users can instantly place a pickup/delivery order by tapping this button within Messenger and pay for it.

"A commission-free delivery/takeout product is bang for the buck, as we have generated 4-5X ROI on our social media orders . So far, the partnership has been great and we want to continue doing business with JoyUp for the long haul.
Also have to give a shout out to JoyUp customer service team, a top notch, 24/7 available, highly cooperative assistance. I recommend JoyUp to anyone looking to grow their restaurant business via social media"
— Yusuf Vajihuddin - Owner, Cold Stone Creamery Chicago Franchise

Once this pickup/delivery button is tapped, JoyUp’s bot automatically launches. The process is fully automated. All you need to do is prepare the order. Here’s an example:

Infographic pricing Figure

We also automatically re-engage users who have dropped off their cart. This means that you will not lose revenue from abandoned carts.

Added Advantage: Why JoyUp beats 3rd Party Delivery Companies:

Joyup’s automation and commission-free delivery service makes it possible for your restaurants to be able to deliver directly to your customers without giving up your customer data and relationships to 3rd parties. We are a white-label company. White-label means that we provide a full branded experience with your brand identity.

Also, instead of giving up 35% of your revenue to 3rd party delivery companies, our commission-free delivery service means that you will be able to cut out the middleman. This will enable you to gain control of your data and personalization, an experience that you cannot get when working with 3rd party companies.

JoyUp highlights:

  • Commission-free delivery service up to 7 miles
  • Quick and easy set up (as quick as a day)
  • Custom website branded ordering
  • Real-time funds transfer (needs qualification)
  • Track every cent spent on social media
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    • Third-party delivery companies continue to grow in popularity due to the pandemic as customers adjust to life without dine-ins but at great cost to restaurants
    • Learn how to save delivery costs, get more ROI and create unique customer experience by converting from third-party delivery to first-party zero-commission deliveries

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