February 22, 2021

How to Increase Average Check Size by 23% Through Upselling

Learn how to increase your average check size by up to 22%. Sell more of your amazing food. through upselling on your online ordering page.

As a restauranteur during these difficult times, your ultimate goal is to sell more of your amazing food. One of the fastest ways to get more revenue from orders is to get customers to increase their average order value. An often ignored method of doing so on most online menus is upselling.

Do you know that you are 70-80% more likely to successfully upsell to existing customers? What this means is that 70-80% of your customers do not mind spending a few extra bucks as long as the upsold items add value to them.

Since most customers prefer to order direct and also want to be upsold, why not invite them to spend more on your restaurant’s website?

In this post, we’re going to discuss how to effectively upsell and increase your average order value in a way that reinforces your brand promises to your customer and earns more sales.

What is upselling?

In this context, upselling is simply the ability to persuade a customer to buy something additional after they have decided on their order items. A successful upsell is completed when a customer adds extra items to their cart just before checkout. In an industry where every dollar goes a long way, completing successful upsells is important in increasing your average order value.

What is average order value?

Good question. Your average order value is the average amount each of your customers spends per order. You can calculate your AOV by dividing your total revenue by the number of orders. That is: Average Order Value = Total Revenue / Number of Orders.

A simple way to increase your average order value by upselling is to make sure you nudge customers at the point when they have finished adding items to the cart and are about to proceed to checkout. Do it right and the customer may add one or two more items and spend a few extra bucks.

What kind of items should you upsell?

The best items to upsell are items that cost the least to prepare and have high profit margins. Upsell items should also not cost much. The best kind of items to upsell and items which a user will not mind spending an extra one or two bucks. These items are typically complementary to meals. For example, a pizzeria could add mozzarella sticks to the upsell category; an Indian restaurant could upsell desserts. In the example below, the restaurant is upselling a smoked sausage and a side of ribs.

So how do you execute an upsell?

Once your customers have added items to the cart, offer complimentary items. For example, in a breakfast and lunch restaurant menu, add items like teas and daiquiris to the upsell category. In the below example, the customer has already added items to the cart, and now they are being shown sides that will complement the main items. More often than not, the user will bite.

The ‘add to cart’ button directly below the upsell items provides a seamless experience for the customer to proceed to checkout immediately after adding more items.

- How to add items to upsell bar using JoyUp's Upsell Feature

To upsell items on your website with ease, you need a tool that easily integrates with your website and social media pages. JoyUp's upsell feature allows you to quickly upsell items at the tap of a finger. In your JoyUp's dashboard, you can add and remove items from the upsell pop-up by just clicking, as shown below.

Upselling made easy: Upsell items by just clicking

It's that easy!

Upselling makes so much sense as long you aren’t pushy about it (most online shoppers are used to being upsold anyway). Execute it right and the customers will gladly give you their money. Make sure the products that you upsell are common-sense buys, and you’ll be glad you did.

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