September 12, 2018
Rachel White

Rachel White

How An SF Food Truck Is Gaining National Awareness And Eventually Its Own Franchise

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How an SF food truck is gaining national awareness and eventually its own franchise

Look into how one of JoyUp's partner, PhatThai is listed as top Messenger bot under Food and Drink Category

Last year, we talked about how a small, family-run Thai Food truck was competing with upscale restaurants. Now, it’s running with nation-wide food brands.

Phat Thai is making use of this new-found attention and continuing to build their business through a highly engaging social media presence. Maintaining constant customer contact is a lot of work on a food truck that would rather spend most of its time engaging with customers, but luckily they found Joy

Joy helps food brands automate their social media engagement, taking care of all of the necessary steps behind social media marketing and online customer interaction through an interactive, automated chatbot that allows for a personalized customer experience in real time.

Phat Thai says that Joy has not only simplified their social media marketing by making it far more manageable, but the food truck has also seen an increase in foot traffic because of its increased online presence. While engagement might not lead to an immediate increase in revenue, this is a long-term play that will ultimately lead to long-term gain.

Hiring a social media marketer was not cost-effective for them, and they preferred the face-to-face interactions that they were having with their customers daily. They needed to find a way to maintain that social media presence while still having time to run their business, and without breaking their budget. Luckily, they found Joy.

Thanks to Joy, they said, they “have a strong community of repeat customers. We can broadcast messages and get repeat customers in no time. Our online engagements are comparable to much bigger restaurants, and we have a much smaller budget compared to other top-tier Thai restaurants that run high paid sponsored ads.” Because of Joy, food brands with small budgets can reap the same benefits as hiring a costly social media manager. Using Joy to promote businesses through Facebook messenger ads drives foot traffic by gathering the data necessary to effectively reach customers.

How Phat Thai uses Messenger to increase mobile orders

Facebook messenger allows a unique advertising experience that cannot necessarily be found through other platforms by turning a personalized conversation into more customers for your business.

Patrons use messenger to find out exactly where your business is at the time, what your hours are, and what’s on your menu. This is very important for a mobile food business.

1.3 billion people around the world spend time on messenger every month. This means you reach users where they’re already at. Also with local discovery feature, a business can acquire more attention.

Given that 35% of your social media marketing time is spent engaging with customers, and JoyUp can save this time for your business. JoyUp does all of the difficult work for you, making social media marketing through Facebook messenger an easy and affordable part of advertising for your food business. To find out how Joy can help you automate your social media marketing and increase store foot traffic and overall sales for you with less cost, visit JoyUp

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