How to Create Discounts With Promo Codes


Offering discounts through promo codes is a time-tested way to attract new business to your restaurant and retain existing customers. With a promo code, your customer can redeem a discount offer when they place an order through your website. Read on to learn more about using JoyUp to generate custom discount codes.

Follow these steps to set up promo codes. Once the promo code is created, a discount will be added. Visitors to your ordering page will enter the promo code at checkout and redeem the discount offer.

In this example, we will create a discount for a 50% off promo offer with the purchase of an entree.

1. From your JoyUp dashboard, navigate to Promos on the left-hand side of the page.

2. Create a new promo by selecting Create Promo

3. (i) Name your promo.
(ii) Select Promo Code from the “Promo Type” dropdown

4. Type in the promo code: to keep things easy, you can make the promo code the same as the promo name.

5. Type the promo amount. Recall that for this example, we are offering a 50% discount, therefore, you will select the percentage button beside Promo Amount. Keep in mind that if you would like to offer a specific price discount, you will select the dollar symbol ($) instead.

ii. choose whether you want the promo to apply to pickup or delivery orders, or both pickup and delivery. For this example, we are offering the promo code on only delivery orders. 

6. Click on the yellow Create Promo button.

7. You will receive a confirmation that your promo is successfully created. To activate your promo, click on the toggle button.


8. Your promo is activated.

How do customers redeem promo codes for online orders?

Share the promo code with your customers and encourage them to redeem the special offer by entering the promo code at checkout, just before they complete their order. This is where promo codes are added to online orders:



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